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Christmas always leads to a dream item, whatever it is, whatever category it belongs in, it always feels like a dream… this year it was in fact a book that unleashes the dreams of teenage girls: good or bad. These dreams could be about problems, boys, things that you don’t yet understand about life and the world around you. It also features some treats too: Stickers, a Flexi disc and a crown to show people who is boss. Even my dad who brought me into being a true bookworm said that this book is brilliant and as you guys can see, I agree. Above are some of my favourite pages of the Rookie Yearbook 1, full of inspirations…
A cool thing about the Rookie Yearbook is that Rookie is actually an online magazine but now, it’s in Paper!! There are loads of pages that await me and that can I can then re-read, and there is always a new page that I haven’t seen that pops out. This is one of those books that you can never get bored of, it’s kind of like a yearly mag. I absolutely love the layout, it is what I’d call an ‘Arty book’ which is very similar to Company magazine. Also something which really interests me is that Tavi Gevinson is only 17 years old, it’s weird as most of my favourites are that age (like Lorde, one of my favourite singers).

The Rookie Yearbook 2 has recently come out so I can’t wait to get this as well!!


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