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Creating a typeface



Recently I’ve been actually designing some fonts {typography} and I’ve really enjoyed doing it {my Instagram account says it all} , I’ve really felt as though I’ve been doing a project for school or somethin’ , I’ve been really into it. My board in Pinterest simply named ‘typography’ is full of many fonts, doodles which may give me some ideas on themes and even more cool typography and calligraphy. I’ve been inspired mostly by 20 year old graphic design student from Newport, Lauren Goodland. I love her simple yet amazing designs, which are pretty and eccentric too! Her photographs and blog posts inspire me too, plus she ‘introduced’ me typography and now I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m thinking of designing the logo of this blog a little, fresh it up slightly so it looks more appealing and lovely!

Lauren follows me on Instagram! Go check out her accounts: @dorkfeatures and @thequickcyanfox

I’ll love to inspire you guys too!


One thought on “Creating a typeface

  1. Awh thank you so much for this little mention! It really means a lot to me. I’m so glad I could get you inspired and introduce you to typography because it really is an important thing, although very precise and difficult! Your work looks great, I can’t believe you’re only 13! You should be super proud of the work you create as when I was your age I was nowhere near as good haha.

    Lauren :) xx


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