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Newspapers and unpainted letters








You know those sparks you get every once in a while when inspiration just makes you want to get creative? Well, that’s what happened to me yesterday, I got creative in typography, fine art and in words to do with photography and yep photographs off course. Basically, my edited photographs of my planned haul wouldn’t save from an app so yeah I haven’t really been able to conclude a post like one of those so I have decided to let you all know I am ok by putting together this fairly artistic post.
The other day, At school, I was monoprinting a photograph I had printed from the Internet of Big Ben. My prints came out quite well, although one of them is more detailed and made up of thin strokes and the other is made up of rather thick and bold strokes.
Yesterday , I decided to tear up bits of paper in the shape of letter to make this rather cool ‘statement’. I basically, flicked wet black watercolour all over my piece of card, which lay underneath my scattered letters. I tried to come up with a humorous quote, although all I could come up with was ‘keep me thinking’ but then I shortened it to just ‘keep me’ after I’d realised I’d have to tear up quite a few letters to spell it out. *da da* then I saw what lay behind each of my letters, a blank background where as the rest was full of paint! Still cool to me even though I’m bit a small kid anymore.
However, after the fun was over of splitting paint about and being artistic, I had to move on to the boring part, putting everything away, washing my messy hands and then waiting for my works to dry. Today I decided to put together a couple of fonts to come up with this photograph of my painted hand and a quote living on it’s palm: “this ain’t dirty it’s just messy”
At school, as part of my coursework in fine art, I’m making a background made up of stripped bits of newspaper and blue paint. I’ve chosen the words on purpose, to include some kind of story in the depth of my ‘masterpiece’ . I’ll then eventually, mono-print by tracing a photograph of something {I haven’t yet decided what} architectural.
Then, finally, just before writing this post I was…. Guess what? WRITING (which I love doing) again! I was writing about what I liked about Francesca woodman and dan Mountford’s work for my developing ideas page for my photography coursework.

Bye guys! Hope to see you soon!


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