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Montana Daisy Rucksack // Super PVC Key Ring // Lip Fix // Nail Paint // Superdry Press Pass // Superdry wristband // Eton 3 Scarf Black and White

A couple of weeks ago me and another student from my school went to Superdry head office, and yaaaaas it was a brilliant day! the cool thing is, superdry works in partnership with 7 local schools and mine is one of them. I signed up to do this after I had heard of it at school, and it was cool that I was one of the two picked this time round. This was officially a work experience day where we interviewed people who work at Superdry HQ, looked at how everything was running and how everything works at a clothing brand. I got to take a look at how model’s wearing their clothes were being photographed to promote the clothes they were wearing on Superdry’s website. It was amazing and I even spoke to one of the model’s which may look familiar on Superdry’s online shop. We were also taken into a huge room filled with every Superdry product which has ever been designed and created.
Superdry is very famous and provides many clients with good quality products which are reasonably affordable. Their products are made from durable materials and their designs are wonderful. I’ve always loved everything with a bit of a snazzy Japanese spirit and the clothes and accessories by superdry include just that. Those leading School Days were full of banter, literally. Near the end of the day, when we all were photographed for their blog and account on LinkedIn quite a few of us were looking far too serious so behind the camera one of the guys said “smile… Look, I’m doing freaking star jumps”
At the very end of the day we were all kindly given a goodie bag (more like a rucksack) full of many and I mean many cool Superdry accessories. THIS WAS SUPER COOL!

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