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Tilted (Prom 2016)

Last night was definitely a night to remember. Our year group had our prom and it was absolutely AMAZING! I loved it and I enjoyed spending time with people, some I might never see again. I have met some wonderful people in the last few years, some of us have become best friends and some of us have drifted apart, but I shall treasure every memory I have shared with these people. 

I was rather upset when prom had ended and I was one of the last people to leave. I was still on the dance floor during the last two minutes or so and then I decided to leave. As soon as I left the song I had suggested to play went on (Blame by Calvin Harris) and I was close to returning to dance to this brilliant song. It was cool that they played two songs I had suggested: Summer by Calvin Harris and obviously “Blame”. I decided to choose songs that I knew had hit the music charts and that people were able to dance to. In a way, I wish I could of taken over the entire dance floor but I would probably just end up playing indie tunes by The XX or Death Cab For Cutie. I considered playing Radiohead’s new album but I knew people would probably disapprove and start asking “what the f**k is this?” 

So, basically, everything is so so straight everywhere. I always feel a little bit more ’tilted’. 

(I had to literally listen to this little speech again and write it down. I couldn’t of put it better myself, this is the correct way to describe how I feel at times, you know… out of place. It’s different reading her words than hearing them. She presents herself so simply and I love her beautiful French accent.) 

The thing about being a person like me is that you feel ’tilted’ (as said by Christine and The Queens), you feel that you’re different from everyone on the dance floor (bear in mind I am using this as a metaphor, by dance floor I mean the world in itself). Yes, everyone is different but sometimes there are more differences than similarities between people and you feel very different. My music taste is what people would probably consider as “weird”, I listen to songs most people I meet have never heard of. My personality is very open, I try and be funny, I try and be kind and be the best Nina I can possibly be. The best NINA that is, the best ME. I try and be myself and not show off too much, I have confidence in myself. I try and be there and reassure anyone who needs me to. Although a weakness I do have is that I care too much for people. I am attracted to intelligence and uniqueness and the beauty of one’s mind. I love people who are particular and who are different, who can teach me new things. But most of all I am attracted to kindness. 

Now get back to the actual dance floor Nina,  not this figure of speech! God I’m surprised if anyone is still reading this post… it’s getting a bit boring!!! 

Anyway… if any of you are still reading… 
Even though I couldn’t dance, I felt comfortable within myself and didn’t care what people were thinking. I was dancing to almost every song that was being played and I felt marvellous. I saw the beauty in every person that was dancing happily to the music, everyone’s outfits looked amazing and I felt so privileged to have met such wonderful people. I received so many compliments for my outfit and each and every one of them made my day. Well, these compliments were more for my lovely mother who had taken the time and effort to make my dress! 
Next year I shall continue schooling at our school’s sixth form to study Psychology, Film, Spanish, Italian and English (if, fingers crossed, I have passed all my exams). I wish everyone the best of luck in your next big step and I hope you all reach your destinations. 


Magical Music: Blame – Calvin Harris // Summer – Calvin Harris // Science Fiction – Christine and The Queens // No Harm Is Done – Christine and The Queens // Tilted – Christine and The Queens // The Importance of Being Idle – Oasis 

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